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Release Year: 2003
Video language: English

She is then stretched out wide, spread-eagle on the barn floor, her limbs forming the angles of a cross. The tines of the pitchfork caress her again. But this time, the handle is pushed into her cunt. He locks a box around her head. Rectangular box, her body naked, and the long handle of the pitchfork protruding from between her legs. She becomes nothing but Image, a foreshadowing of what is to come.
He ties her arms in a Japanese cradle. Ropes bind her breasts, chest, waist, crotch. Her clit is pinched between the two tight ropes. She is hung in an inverted suspension. He scourges her. He sits in front of her face and fucks her mouth with a dildo, domesticating her, making her usable to him.
Eventually she is his mare. He fits her with a bit and a long tail drooping from her ass. He drives her, holding the reins. A stream rushes beside the barn. Before her, the long green fields lead upward, into the mountains.
He compels her there, upward, pulling her with a rope that leads from the bumper of his truck to her crotch. She is naked, a heavy cross bound to her arms. She drags it behind her. And she is barefoot, her steps mincing as she makes her way along the gravel road. She climbs higher. Sunlight grows finer. Meadow weeds gleam.
The end of her long road, shot from behind, is the upright cross and her hanging upon it. The wide valley stretches before her. She bakes in the sun. Time passes. She struggles to find a purchase for her feet, but there is none. She writhes. She tires.

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