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Wenona’s Selfies 1-4

Wenona is always taking selfies and it’s getting old. She never pays attention to anything anymore… always staring at her phone and sending out photos of herself. I’ve finally had enough and I decide to join in on the fun. I start by leading her into my shop in just her panties and heels. I have taken her phone away for now as I offer up new distractions in the form of manhandling and ass slaps. I eventually pull up a chair and Wenona is seated. We are going to take many selfies this afternoon, although technically I guess they’re not selfies as I’ll be taking them with a real camera, but wenona can’t take them because she’s tied up, lol. I think the 1st one should be of her gagged with a few pairs of panties, including the ones she is wearing. I cut those off her and stuff them in her mouth and seal them in nicely with clear tape. I then start securing her to the chair with more rope. Her ankles are crossed and her thighs are spread and tied. After getting some nice images, I remove her gag and then I tie a rope into her hair…

Format: mp4
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Total size: 1.8 GB in 4 files.