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Whipping Films – Dana Whipping Tree

So I have wanted to make this video for quite some time, First the problem was finding the location, then I had to deal with the model musical chairs, then finally dana appeared and was ready to do it, and she actually did it…the second time we scheduled it. Concept is pretty simple: find a remote location, strip dana nude, Tie her to a tree, Gag Dana (Because if you know Dana, this girl is a screamer), and then whip her back and ass with an assortment of single tails. I even used a couple of longer ones that I have never been able to play with in my indoor location. I had a very targeted focus on her ass near the end of the video and it marked up very well. Enjoy, I’m glad I finally got it filmed for you.

Studio: Whipping Films

File size: 274.5 MB