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Zoey Gets it part 2

We really wanted to broaden our modelling base, so we placed ads in local spots and got lots of return inquiries…Using agencies does give you the feeling that the model is legit and ready to work…but you just start seeing a lot of the same faces everywhere you look…And BDSM modelling has become such a good earner for many models out there, that many models are just going with the flow and style of BDSM shoots…and what you get are porn girls acting like they think they’re supposed to act…dont get me wrong, many of them get it and like it and do it very well…But I prefer the hard working model…the ones out searching for kinky gigs…models that only take the shoots that they really want to take…and one’s that take BDSM shoots knowing full well that the shoot is more like a trial…and it’s trial that challenges them and inspires them to bondage bliss…and they know it ain’t gonna be easy…but they submit to the process…Zoey seems a bit nervous before the shoot….she talks about her interest in being bound and she sounds pretty sincere to me…in the first scene it’s hard to get a read on her…but it didnt take me long to realize that Zoey enjoyed feeling powerless…a very sincere player who felt every uncomfortable moment…She has an amazing orgasm in the 2nd scene which leaves her cunt filled with think femcum…some rare looking stuff actually…Her pussy swells and the Pope uses the G5 in the next scene…I think that’s where Zoey’s pussy went from sensitive to painful…the redness is amazing…the Pope doenst take it easy on her…he has a mission….the bottom line is you dont back off from a model unless they ask you to back off…Zoey never did…the guys asked her a few times if she was OK because she really seemed uncomfortable but Zoey never waivered…better to be safe than sorry, but eventually models like Zoey just say….”Dont stop the shoot anymore to ask me if I’m OK…I will tell you”…and nothing makes the shoot better…a model who understands what is going on, what she is going through and is aware enough to stay in the game and let the Dom relax and not worry about her unless she does speak up…Doms should be free to do as they like…and rare finds like Zoey totally get it….good stuff!.

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