With a handful of Ariel’s hair, I guide her into position. She immediately kneels, which I like, but that will come later. I pull her back to her feet where I proceed to grope and manhandle her tits. My hand is firmly placed over her mouth and I continue. I turn her around and smack her ass for a while as well. Now I order her to her knees so I can tightly buckle the harness gag onto her head. Some heavy twine is run through the d-ring before I pull her back up to her feet and the twine is secured overhead. I crotchrope Ariel before binding her thighs and ankles and always manhandling Ariel, as I see fit, in between ropes. The rest of Part 1 is more ropes securing her arms in a box position before buckling a collar around her neck at the very end. This is where Part 1 ends.

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