Release Year: 2021
Video language: English

I hope you are all is safe and healthy during the Corona Virus. I know that sheltering in place is not fun. Try to ride it out and stay at home to help reduce the transmission of the virus. I will try to post more updates to keep everyone entertained and horny!!
Years ago we visited our friend Max when he lived in Ottawa Canada. Today he lives on Vancouver Island. Max has been manufacturing the best canvas straitjackets and sleepsacks for a long time, and his products have become quite popular.
In this video, Mistress Amanda Wildefyre and I film a typical day with Max during our visit. Amanda brought a client with her by the name of Hudson. Every day was a bondage day for Hudson. This is an old video, shot before we knew what we were doing, so there’s no editing and the sound was messed up a few times from the fan in the room. However, all in all this is a fun video and gives you a taste for the personalities of both Max and Amanda. The outside temperature in Ottawa was very hot that week, so Max had air conditioners and fans going in the playroom.
When I reviewed this video I realized that there must be a second part to it, so I will need to look in the archives and see if I can find it. Meanwhile, enjoy this video. For me, I never thought I would be able to hang around with people who have made bondage a part of their lifestyle. Until I was in my early 20’s I thought I was the only person who was interested in bondage. It wasn’t until my friend introduced me to adult book store magazines did discover that there were other people interested in bondage. I could see that bondage was a narrow niche of the bigger porn market, but I always considered my bondage interest to be different and separated from traditional pron. So, I felt quite honored to be with Max and Amanda during this trip, and excited to see that Max had a room dedicated to bondage with a real jail door. Fantastic!

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