Video language: English

This clip starts where Part 1 ended… Alice’s captor shoves the gag back in her mouth before removing it again. He shoves his fingers down her throat until she gags afterwards. Alice spits out small bits of bark as he starts to make her bondage a bit more strict. After a while, he gags her with a large sock and then tapes it in tight with clear tape. Ne then clamps her nipples between a green thin twig that he has split. He tightens it by wrapping it tightly with twine. Alice yelps as He shows her how he can apply a bit of pressure to the end, and twist her nipple at the same time it is clamped. He then tightly ties a long length of rope around her waist, before tying her ankles apart to stakes driven in the ground. The man leaves momentarily, but soon returns with a branch. He removes the leaves in front of Alice. He then starts whacking Alice’s right inner thigh with the makeshift implement. Next he works over her inner and outer left thigh before walking away. This is where the clip ends.

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