So how did things go with our Babygirl Emma? She signed up for 48 hours, just to feel what it would be like to be locked in a belt and bra! She is such a cute girl, eyes sparkling with enthusiasm, you could tell she would finish this Deal without any problems.
Especially with her secret weapons, her diapers, to keep her safe and dry for 2 days. No problems there, as Emma is reporting in this update, although it is all a little bit more complicated than her usual fetish (wearing diapers), because she still wants to shower after every toilet visit, despite wearing a diaper.
The steel is also very hard and unforgiving, especially on her chest. She can not sleep in the positions she is used to, and her breathing is a little more shallow. This is making her feel a little exhausted, but since it is only for 48 hours, she will manage. Emma loves pink so much that she is actually willing to be locked in this for a longer Deal, as long as the belt and bra are pink!
We will see how it goes and if you (members) want to see her back for more, because I have a feeling Emma is a very naughty babygirl and she will have huge problems not being able to touch herself for (let’s say) 10 days! That would be so much fun to watch!

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