Dazed and confused, Brittany, Tiffany, and Melissa clamber down the stairs in the creepy house. They are hardly able to walk, their thighs have been padlocked together! It is hard getting down the stairs!
Who the hell captures three girls only to put them in full chastity gear? Is this some kind of joke? The house is incredibly cold and silent. All of the girls’ clothes have disappeared, as well as their belongings. The cold metal on their skin is starting to warm up a little, but still… it is almost freezing in the house.
Desperate, the girls start looking for keys. That is the only thing on their mind right now, keys keys keys!! They just want out of these tighth metal suits! All of the belts have high security cylinder locks so they will have to find at least three keys for their belts, plus any number of padlock keys for their bras and thigh bands. This is insane, they can not even find a single key, let alone a whole set of them!

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