Release Year: 2015
Genres: Femdom, Humiliation, Blonde, Foot Worship, Shoe Worship, Shoe Licking, Chastity, Spit, Foot Gagging
Video language: English

Its time for Briannas husbands monthly milking. This time her , Odette, will participate. Brianna has attached an electrical unit to her husbands testicles. She wants to ensure that her husband derives as little pleasure possible from his hand milking. Odette sits, crosses legged, on her chest. She grabs his pathetic manhood in her delicate palm and keeps him aroused. As is edged, Brianna keeps a close watch on her husband. She shocks his balls as he nears orgasm to keep him on edge as long as possible. Brianna encourages her to edge her with fast bursts of stoking followed by abrupt stops. As is denied his orgasm, and laugh together. Odette reveals to her that she feels she hasnt received enough birthday gifts. She decides that she is going to milk him even longer, until agrees to get her everything she wants. Brianna also reminds her husband that she needs new clothes to impress the new boyfriend she has been seeing. He has a huge cock. Brianna has to look perfect to impress him. Odettes has been edged so long. He begs to cum. Brianna knows that her husband can take more edging. She coaxes her to edge her one more time. Odette edges her . He begs his to allow him to cum. Odette tells her that when he is allowed to cum, she is going to ruin his orgasm and put him right back in chastity. Every time Briannas husband moans with pleasure, she increases the voltage. No pleasure for him. The pleasure is for her. His suffering is her amusement. As promised, Odette ruins her orgasm. She is disgusted with his pathetic dribble and immediately leaves to clean his filth from her hands.

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Duration: 17:51
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