Cast: Cameron Canada
Genres: BDSM, Torture

Part 1: Cameron’s one of those ‘problem employees’. You know the type. Always late. Always a fucking excuse. She’s uttered her last excuse to her fed up boss on this day however. She claims she wants her job. She pleads to keep it and suddenly her bluff is called. The ultimatum from her boss is simple…strip bare or hit the bricks. Stunned, Cameron strips down and finds herself bound tightly. Despite her binds, she somehow struggles to her feet and makes it to the door only to find it locked. Her escape attempt infuriates her employer even more and sets the stage for what will surely be a attitude correction session to remember…
Part 2: Cameron probably thought this was just another idle threat by her supervisor. A little more extreme than usual, but idle nonetheless. She’s been shaking her ass and getting away with whatever she wants for so long now…Her eyes grow wide however when he rolls her over on her back and buries a vibe in her pussy. Her passive aggressive behavior shall no longer be tolerated and this will be her last chance..

Total size: 198.3 MB in 2 files.