Things got out of hand as Boys we was always in trouble as we never knew when to stop and I think most Boys push thing to far end up in tears getting hurt or braking something you know the sort of thing like crashing a bike or throwing stones.
As in My Mums bedroom as green as I was I knew Mum had a vibratory in her side draw not like all the wonderful sex toys of today this was just smooth white plastic with batteries inside and power switch dial on the base and I kind of knew how a lady used one as me and my mates had seen VHS cassettes at one of our mates house he had found Sexy tapes, and I hope you have a sense of humour because as if you did not know what a vibrator was for it came in a box with its instructions sketch pictures of how to use it and a Warning not to be used for Anal Use Ha ha ha. (good old seventies).

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