The presidential elections are afoot and the campaigners Lady Sahara & Lady Carmen are truly busy briefing their candidates ‘Donnie’ & ‘Hilary’. For the ultimate showdown, they must let down their pants and prove that there’s more than just hot air blowing out their asses! ‘Hilary’ bitch is fastened onto an ass hook & gets to recite her campaign slogan like a puppet on a string. She had to do the ladies bidding once she was motivated by electric shock. Now that she has screwed herself through foreign policy, she may donate her slime for world peace. Yet and still, ‘Donnie’s internal security is also on trial. But here comes the anal éclat: his insatiable asshole is ripped open by the Cuban Hammer just to be occupied by the Jamaican Hammer! Thus, due to Donnie’s anal security leak, he obviously picked the prick ticket. From then on, Hilary is the mightiest ass-pussy in the world and may serenade to her victory: “ Amerika ist Wunderbar!” XXL-Anal satire by Carmen Rivera Entertainment: harder than real life…!

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