It’s a rainy Friday afternoon, and we could go to the movies…or….we could get into some Fetishy mischief. Obviously we choose the second option because the movie theater is for those without imagination (not really, I love movies). I put on my sleek black catsuit with an under bust corset over top and shiny black high heels. I’m not sure what Johnny is going to do with me, but I’m sure it will be worth it. Before I know it, he has pulled out the St Andrew’s cross and set it up in the middle of the loft. Johnny puts my metal collar and cuffs on me. Then he attaches me to the cross, with arms and legs spread wide. We, also, just acquired a brand new black latex ball gag and this seems the perfect opportunity to try it out. Johnny stuffs the gag in my mouth and proceeds to watch me struggle. After a few moments, though, he seems to grow bored and decided to change it up a bit. He unzips the crotch to my catsuit and then applies a hitachi to my pussy. Now all thats left to do is sit back and watch me groan in ecstacy for a while. Rainy afternoon blues averted.

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