It’s a shock for the Lawyer Chrissina… the buxom gurl got a call in her office and got the info that one of her past jailed criminals has fleed from jail. She goes as quick as possible home to work out a plan for the police to find the dangerous man soon. But her search will have a quicker end as she would like… As she works on her PC, she realizes a strange noise. When she goes through her flat, she suddenly got attacked from behind and knocked out. Some time later she wakes up slowly. But something is wrong… she can’t move her body and something really big and tight is wrapped arround her head and over her fullstuffed mouth. As she got all her consiciouness back, she realizes shocked that she’s totaly and effective tied up and massive tapegagged! Additionally she’s tied to a small stool on what she sits and her tied up legs are connected by a chain with her livingroom table. Also her huge boobs are exposed! Before she can try all her might to struggle free, a sound makes her attentive to a laptop. A voice message is playing and she definetly knows whos… the escaped criminal! He tells her that he takes now revenge on her and had left a nice gift for her. When the captured Chrissina looks arround, she see a timebomb hanging on a rope from the roof. As the message ends, she start to panic and try to come free. But her captor did a too good restraining job on the buxom bound and gagged lawyer. Desperate and afraid of , she struggles and moans as loud as she can for her life. But she’s alone in the house and her time runs slow but merciless out… second for second!

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Duration: 21:03
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Audio: 188kbps

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