The NeoSteel belt I have for Cobie isn’t as perfect as it should be. Of course, it wasn’t made for her, but it is a very close fit. The only problem is that the hip band is slightly low, making it somewhat of a crossover between a waist style and a hip style belt.
Fortunately, Cobie also brought her own FancySteel belt, and by switching between those two belts (a lot), she managed to make it through her 13-day Deal! She seemed to favour the FancySteel for sleeping, but the tightness on her waist always made her want to switch to the NeoSteel after her morning toilet break. Then she would wear the NeoSteel until the afternoon, switching back to the FancySteel again. In the evening she would prefer the NeoSteel again, and then it was back to the FancySteel for bed.
This may seem like a lot of switching and taking belts on and off, but Cobie got several toilet and cleaning breaks a day, so I didn’t mind if she would lock herself in a different belt after one of these breaks. I would always carry all keys with me, so all breaks were supervised and I can personally guarantee there was no cheating or touching, even with all these breaks!
On this particular day (day 3 I think), I found Cobie waiting for her belt change… in handcuffs!! It turned out she had been handcuffed for a while, having found this pair of hinged cuffs and locking them on her wrists ‘because people on Twitter voted for her to do so’. She was also wearing the promo top that I had been hiding somewhere (because it was a very popular item to steal). I don’t know how she ended up wearing the top and those handcuffs, but it was pretty funny to see her guilty face.

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