You have been waiting for it! Cobie’s Chastity Deal with the huge chastity bra! Cobie wanted to go outside in her NeoSteel, like she had done on her first few days of this stay in Holland. She just loves shopping!!
But I had a little surprise waiting for her: I was going to add thigh bands and the dreaded chastity bra to her Deal! Cobie did not want to do this actually, she was very afraid she would look ridiculous, even with her clothes on top of all this gear.
But it was October, so she could wear as many clothes as she wanted. She could even hide her collar with a scarf. Reluctantly locking herself into all the extra chastity gear, Cobie really couldn’t believe she had to wear the huge chastity bra outdoors. What would people think? It really looked like she had giant boobs under her long sleeve colorful space dress! In fact, the dress was a good choice, since the colors distracted and hid a lot of the gear. Although it was a bit short, barely hiding the thigh bands.
Cobie wasn’t too sure about going outside in all this gear. The thigh bands were incredibly noisy and her legs were padlocked together. But the biggest worry was the huge chastity bra. It was impossible to hide this enormous bust under her dress. Stay tuned to see what happened when Cobie went outside, locked in all this gear!

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