During Cobie’s stay, we did so many interactive things! There was a meet and greet with a fan, there were Skype sessions, and there were many custom videos and member requests to be filmed. If you missed all of this, don’t worry, there will be more opportunities to interact with girls while they are still in their Chastity Deal (live and custom content), next year will be full of these events!
One member request was a Fantasy update, and that was great fun to shoot! Cobie was a maid cleaning a bedroom, when she suddenly found a mini magic wand that was hidden under the pillow of her female boss. Curious and nervous, Cobie took off her maid uniform, revealing her NeoSteel belt, and even though she knew she would probably not feel anything, she tried to vibrate her locked private parts. She hadn’t orgasmed in days, because her boss would not let her out of this belt! The mini wand was very powerful, but Cobie did not feel anything at all! She even suspected her boss left it there on purpose, to make her more frustrated!
Cobie looks so hot in her maid outfit, belt, and collar! And the fun part was: Cobie was definitely frustrated, because she really had been locked in a chastity belt for almost a week at that point! We haven’t done many Fantasy updates for a while now, so if you are enjoying these kinds of updates, please don’t hesitate to send in scripts for your own member requests! There will always be girls available to film them for you, and if you have a specific girl in mind, I can always try to arrange that for you! Enjoy this update!

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