Danielle doesn’t mind a bit of bondage, but really objects to being gagged… Danielle has agreed to be tied up – her arms are bound behind her as she sits in a chair wearing sexy lingerie, including a suspender belt. She does not want a gag, however… Nonetheless, a wad of stuffing goes in, and her mouth is cleave-gagged with tape, wrapped around her lovely blonde hair. ‘Mmmpphh’-ing into the gag, shaking her head and flashing her eyes, she makes it clear she doesn’t like it. When the gag is removed, Danielle says she is happy doing some bondage, but wants no more gags. Unfortunately for her, she gets an even heavier one: lots more packing, white tape tightly wrapped right around her head in an OTM-style, quietening down her protestations. More head-shaking with nice cleavage-shots ensues. Danielle’s displeasure is added to when she has a large patterned scarf tied over the top, covering her nose and the whole of her lower face. Eventually ungagged, our lovely captive now asks to be untied. Maybe, Danielle, maybe…!

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