The last update of 2016 and it is a good one! Watch how Davon fills herself with a jewel butt plug and a 5-ball vaginal chastity belt plug. It is the first time she is plugged anally, and since the vaginal plug is huge for her, both plugs will be in each other’s way inside her, which will give her a very strange sensation.
If you are interested in the engineering of secondary shields and chastity belts in general, please study this video carefully. I tell Davon to change the regular (perforated) shield to a slotted shield that will hold the huge steel plug. It requires her to open the secondary shield padlock, in case you have always wondered what that little padlock is for (it is also the logo of this website, by the way).
Davon will never be allowed to have any pleasure as long as she is in this Chastity Deal (she is not allowed to touch her genitals or breasts), but a few plugs now and then might give her a nice feeling. It’s very hard to tell if she is happy with all that muttering, but I think she appreciates the gesture. She got used to a heavy collar and wrist cuffs, I’m sure she can get used to double plugs. If she does well with the jewel butt plug, I might upgrade her belt to a double plugged belt (although I will probably opt for a 4-ball plug in the rear, let’s not go too crazy).
Davon just needs to cheer up, and move about with those two plugs installed. She will get used to it soon enough. It’s not her fault she is so tiny. Everything is huge and heavy for her. But she is not a quitter, she will probably never give up on this Deal, because it is her best choice right now.

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