Miss Katherine/Step-Mom is on the phone talking to a female friend about the odd, unexplained things that have been going on at her house lately, particularly with her missing adult toys, and now unexplained charges for online porn to her credit card. Surely it couldn’t be junior.. he’s such a sissy he still has to wear diapers..?
Meanwhile, her step- Allison & her friend Layla have just got home from cheerleader practice. They walk in to find junior in the bathroom masturbating and wearing Allison’s lingerie and lipstick. He also took Step-Mom’s strap on lady cock toys and has stolen Step-Mom’s credit card & maxed it out on online porn.. Allison is very upset & tells on him to Step-Mom.. who, of course is even madder & takes junior across her lap for a sound hand spanking. They both know he has no job and no way to pay the money back, so Step-Mom informs him he’s going to have to learn to service other men to earn the money. Together, Step-Mom & step- use the strap-ons junior stole from Step-Mom to train him as the friend holds him down, giggles and watches on.
He starts to whimper and whine like a baby, so they treat him like a baby, with each of them putting a diaper on him. Allison and her friend lead him out in the lingerie and triple diapered to get started on earning money right away..
Poor junior is in for some serious payback!

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