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Sometimes it is never enough when it comes to putting the ladies into bondage which is why they end up fully covered and fully helpless. Jet was dressed in a tea towel apron and had her arms bounds down to her sides and was gagged with a very large knotted linen cleave gag. This gag was then changed to filling her mouth up with linen and tying it in place as well as the addition of more linen around her head and neck. More tea towels were used to further fully cover her head and she was then left to her own desires. Siren was laid onto the end and had this blanket wrapped and roped around her and was then scarf gagged and her feet tied up inside the blanket as well. The top of the blanket was then pulled up and tied around her chest and neck leaving just her wide eyes uncovered as she struggled to no avail. Imogen was tied to a post standing up with bandages over the white muslin sleeve that she had been put into. Cleave gagged with a white scarf before the muslin sleeve was pulled up over her head and knotted on top of her head. A second white cleave gag followed over the muslin followed by white tape going over her gag and eyes and around the post.

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