Intrepid reporter Dixie Comet has been on the trail of a couple of dirty cops who are running a slave ring in her city. She has finally tracked one of them down to their secret hideout. But the dirty cops have set a trap for Dixie. And they’ve found out her secret identity is the super heroine Justice. They will make her pay by throwing her into the sex slave ring. Having escaped from the sex slavery ring the dirty cops sent her to as the reporter Dixie, she returns as the superheroine Justice to enact her revenge on the deviant duo and sending the dirty cops to the slammer. Several years later, our crooked cops have been released from prison. One has transformed herself into the super-villain, Rapture. And the other teams up with Justice to become Siren. But after catching up to Rapture and making her pay, Siren decides to return to the crime life and transforms herself into Evil Siren. Disappointed that her partner has returned to crime, Justice decides to teach Evil Siren and Rapture both a lesson that crime does not pay. Having grown tired of both of her partners, good or bad, Siren decides to go it alone from now on and take matters into her own hands. But it looks like our heroes and villains may have both met their match.

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