Fayth looks a little nervous today as she stands with her wrists tied behind her back. I am tying lengths of twine into her hair. I had planned on using her own hair as a gag, but she had cut off a lot of it since I last saw her. I kind of wish I would have aborted the plan, but I carry on with my original plan. It is OK, but would have worked out much better had her hair been longer. I plan on hanging her upside down for quite a long time and I want a good gag that is at least somewhat breathable. I grab a tit with one hand and start slapping her ass with my other hand. Fayth loves a good hand spanking and this is evident by her reactions. I then bind her tits with electrical tape before whipping them with a thick leather slapper. She does not seem to like this as much as the hand spanking, but that is ok as I do enjoy it. More hard hand spanking ensues, before I fashion a tight crotchrope from twine. I then thoroughly bind her thighs with cinched bands of twine. Cinched bands of twine… hmmm that would be a good name for a band, lol. Anyway with twine lifting Fayth’s ass cheeks, I can’t resist spanking her more. As always Fayth makes sexy noises and expressions while this is going on. It is finally time to get her up in the air where she will be in the perfect position for more spanking and whipping. This is where Part 1 ends.

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