Genres: BDSM, Torture, Humiliation, Whipping, Spanking, Pain

Part 1: Let’s watch Amilie tortured in a surprising way. Dr. Lomp ties up her feet and hangs her from ceiling. Her hands are free, but she can’t keep them up all the time to protect herself, as her week arms are aching. Lomp’s every brutal strokes fall on the right point of girl’s poor flesh. After all unbearable torments, you’ll love to see her beautiful eyes staring at Lomp hatefully.

Part 2: A bad news for cute girl, Lomp is to whip her most feminine and sensitive part, her poor vagina. She seems quite uneasy, you can read this on her concerned eyes. The way reaching the money will pass through her sweet pussy. Her weakness assures you that you will watch her sobbing. Anyway, she must endure all this pain just to get you pleased. Appreciate her sorrow.

Part 3: Cute Amilie this time will be caned on her vagina. As a reflext, she is trying to hide her vagina with her hands. Stripes from the last session are still on her soles. Strikes hit unbearable right on her clit. Total 12 strokes will be count. At which stroke will she start to weep?

Total size: 5.4 GB in 3 files.