All fancily dressed up and nowhere to go this New Year’s Eve? Well, you just happen to be in good company. But, for different reasons…I think. My reason is that Johnny has me tied up in knots again! That’s right! I take my time curling my hair, putting on make up, wrapping myself up in a sexy satin minidress, pulling up some soft nylons with my blue satin panties, and pumping myself up with my classic black high heels. And, Johnny captures me as I reach the bottom of the stairs. He drags me into the kitchen and hoists me up onto the granite island, pretending to be enthralled with me before our New Year’s party date. He, of course, wastes no time making his actual intentions clear. He ties my arms tightly behind my back with rope at the wrists and elbows and then puts a thick cleave gag in my mouth. He keeps me there for the midnight countdown. Talk about nowhere to go!

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