In more recent years, award winning and acclaimed director & Dom, The Pope has taken over Hogtied. Under his mastery, we’ve seen the rope get tighter, punishments reach new heights, and Hogtied become a whole new machine of submission and domination. His expert handling is second to none. Both pornstars and amateurs alike line up to live out their real BDSM porn and bondage fantasies. Turning seasoned pornstar sluts into cum soaked messes. Breaking bratty 18 year old teens into the perfect submissive slaves.
The rope suspension bondage, caning, stress positions, breath play, traditional rope bondage and Shibari are the most intense you’ll ever find. With the best riggers in the world like Claire and the Pope, it’s easy to see why. Hogtied offers elaborate suspension bondage and Japanese rope bondage (Shibari) like no other site can. Featuring the tightest, most inescapable predicament bondage possible. Many of the helpless pornstars & amateurs featured Hogtied are first-timers, ready to give up control to an experienced LezDom or Master. Others are seasoned kinky hardcore submissive sluts who love BDSM, whipping, breast bondage and getting tied up.

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