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Gorgeous busty ravenhaired Nyxon struggles in tight rope bondage sitting on a chair in her living room. Her shapely legs are fused together with ropes cinched tightly around her ankles and knees. Her sheer back-seamed stocking off little protection from the tight ropes biting into her flesh. She pulls at her arms but they are twisted cruelly up behind her back in an insidious reverse prayer with her hands pushed up high between her shoulder blades and her elbows pulled in close behind her back. A thick red rag is pulled deep between her lips and wrapped around her head to keep her quiet. Nyxon struggles desperately on the chair pulling at the ropes and kicking her legs but her struggles are futile. Then the Hunter comes back with more ropes and wraps the new rope around her arms, just above her bent elbows. He pulls the ropes tight pushing her elbows closer together at the small of her back and pushing her bound hands up higher to the base of her neck. He cinches the ropes tight then moves Nyxon to the floor. A rope is tied between her bound ankles then run up to the ropes pinning her arms behind her back. He pulls the ropes bowstring tight, Nyxon has to bend her knees as the stiletto heels of her ankle boots are pulled up close to her elbows. The Hunter cinches and ties off the ropes leaving her hoplessly hogtied on the floor. Nxyon struggles in vain on the floor trying to find any slack in the ropes but there is no escape, she rolls onto her side and sobs through her gag not knowing hope long she will have to endure her stringent bondage. 

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