On a nice overcast day outside, the slave is taken to the ring hanging from the gallows for some sexual exploitation with the ass hooked and cock rubbing.
I have worked hard, went and continue to go the extra mile in revealing and visually producing the real kink of the Master/slave dynamic, a not-so common kink that I and very few others live in the hope to educate and stimulate those who identify with such an alternative life in BDSM. Unfortunately, many have not or cannot act on these kinky urges to grow with others that feel the same way. Some are unable to live in a world they identify and need. I help bridge that gap by educating, training and producing in showing and doing the things you see here.
In some aspects it has been a long hard road living in a vanilla world. Most do not understand or care to understand that some people need more in their relationships with people that Identify under the multifaceted umbrella of kink. Kinky people want to negotiate a spanking or intense orgasms through painful calculative sessions with someone that can understand them and how they identify in just being loved in the right way. For me however for the most part, it has been very spiritually stimulating and a healthy way to live and be happy as life should be.

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