Finally, the moment of truth! Isabel Dean was going to take off her clothes and try to lock herself into the NeoSteel double plugged chastity belt! Exciting!
Applying generous amounts of lube to both plugs, Isabel commented on her fears, and what she had herself let into… this Challenge suddenly didn’t seem so easy anymore! A plugged belt takes a different approach to lock on: usually girls can close the waist band first and then pull up the croth piece, but with a plugged belt, you need to insert the plugs first, because of the angle of the plugs. Isabel soon found out that she would have to lie down on her back to do this.
Slowly and gently, she pushed both plugs further and further, because the anal plug is a lot harder to get in and that takes time. Getting them both in at the same time was the hardest, but luckily the sliding slots of the NeoSteel belt provided the angles she needed. Closing the waist belt and pulling up the crotch piece, it became clear how tight this belt was going to be on Isabel! It is not a perfect fit, it is a little too tight. Usually that is not a problem, but now the two plugs would be pushed in much deeper if she was going to stand up.

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