Jade tried to be clever! She only used the vaginal plug and locked on her belt before asking me if everything was okay like this. At least she was honest. But it wasn’t okay with me, not even to start her first day. The Chastity Deal was: both plugs for a week. With breaks of course, but there would be no time where she could only wear one plug. She had to be double plugged all the time!
This sounds harsh, I know, but you don’t know Jade. She wants a challenge. The last time (without any plugs), Jade made it without many problems, so she needed a harder challenge. Jade was a little disappointed, but she knew she had to do it. So she took off the belt again, added the second plug (and a lot of lube!), and tried to insert both plugs at the same time while holding the belt. This is actually very hard, as you need 3 hands for this. Amazingly, Jade managed to get both plugs in without any help. There was an awkward moment when she accidentally let go of the belt, and it bent backwards like a spring, pushing the plugs into her all of a sudden. You will see it in the video. You will also see that the largest ball on the anal plug is not easy to get in. But Jade is a trooper, she did it!
“I’m so stuffed!”, she exclaimed! She couldn’t imagine herself walking around with two metal plugs inside her for a week, let alone sleep or do any activities. She commented on how she felt very stiff, like the plugs were holding her upright. It is certainly not going to be easy, but don’t underestimate Jade! She never gives up!

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