Surprisingly enough, Jade Indica also works in an office for about 1 day a week, probably for production meetings or some other boring stuff. Straight after her horny and disappointing return to the motel room, she needs to get changed and go to the office.
She rented the motel room to get out of her house, since her roommates were constantly around and inviting people over, and Jade didn’t want to take the risk of anyone seeing her in the chastity belt, because she didn’t feel like answering a lot of questions about it.
Unfortunately, all the business attire she grabbed and stuffed in her bag is now wrinkled, and she only brought a few things. She has to wear high heels, stockings, a skirt, and a blouse, but will they hide the belt when she is walking around the office?
Jade decides to use a garter belt to hold up her stockings, it actually looks great with the chastity belt, but Jade doesn’t really appreciate the belt anymore. It is uncomfortable and frustrating, and after almost 7 days in the belt, she really really wants to get out of it, more than anything in the world. She gained a little weight as well, due to lack of exercise, which makes the belt even tighter.

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