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Cute busty sexy girl Jewell Marceau represents her movies, filled with BDSM torture, spanking, whipping, bondage, tits squeezing and other BDSM stuff. She can act as a slave girl and, also, as a cruel mistress, so you can delight with variety of her BDSM skills.
Jewell Marceau has cooked up a clever scheme for her “susy-homemaker” girlfriend Christina Carter. Suddenly dizzy and then knocked out Christina awakes to find herself cleave gagged and in a strict hogtie in her own kitchen! Jewell amuses herself by teasing and tormenting poor Christina with seductive gropes up her skirt while fondling herself as well. Christina can’t seem to control herself and begins to go along with Jewell’s kinky bondage desires. Jewell ties Christina again and gets both of them off with their favorite vibe! Before long Christina is enthralled with Jewell and is excited to deliver the same treatment. Both girls are magnetized to each other and their wet, hungry pussy’s, so they both decide to tie themselves to each other so their faces are buried in each other’s crotches for a delicous pussy devouring bondage fantasy come true!

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Duration: 57:37
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