Cute busty sexy girl Jewell Marceau represents her movies, filled with BDSM torture, spanking, whipping, bondage, tits squeezing and other BDSM stuff. She can act as a slave girl and, also, as a cruel mistress, so you can delight with variety of her BDSM skills.
Jewell Marceau, a humble girl with great-untapped potential, is home alone buried in her computer work when the doorbell unexpectedly rings. Answering it she is greeted by a strange man (The Doctor) who claims to be a plumber hired by her building, needing access to her apartment. As Jewell begins to question the stranger he suddenly himself inside. His hand quickly clasping over her mouth as he kicks the door shut behind him. Jewell’s guest appears to have had his eye on her for some time, and he has great expectations for this shy frumpy girl. The Plumber orders her to strip and redress in fetish clothes he’s provided. Over the course of the video, he repeatedly ties and the submissive Jewell, batting clothespins off her clamped nipples with a wooden spoon, or ordering her to strip and climb into the oven after a disastrous assignment to clean the kitchen. This new plumber might not have brought his pipe wrench, but he’s made sure to bring a host of much more insidious implements

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