Cast: Kami Robertson
Genres: BDSM, Torture

Kami from thelazymaid getting her bottom roasted by Miss Stricktland. First scene is a hard over the knee spanking. Second is her being slippered hard across her bare bottom. kami genuinly cries during the punishments. Kami going over Miss Stricktlands knee from thelazymaid for a good hard bare bottom spanking. She kicks and screams and doesn’t like having her bottom smacked one bit. Kami from thelazymaid gets her second caning from Miss Stricktland. Her bottoms still sore from her last punishment and she’s almost in tears just thinking about it. So when the punishment starts she really feels it across her poor bare bottom. Despite her tears Miss Stricktland still applies the cane very hard resulting in a very sorry naughty maid with a very sore and striped bottom that she won’t be sitting on for a few days.

Total size: 136.0 MB in 3 files.