Video language: English

Mariah is relaxing in the sorority house common room. She watches a soothing meditation video while sitting on her chastity slave’s face. Kat comes into the common area and wants a human seat, too. The girls decide to share him. Both girls sit full weight on the slave’s body while watching. The girls flirtatiously brush each other’s hair while ignoring the loser’s need to breathe. One girl controls the loser’s breath, the other teases his chastity. In the distance, you can hear the screams of a slave being ballbusted in the sorority house basement. Mariah eventually leaves to call her boyfriend, leaving Kat with the human furniture. Kat enjoys having the human seat all to herself. She controls his air with her ass and teases his chastity with her perfect feet. Mariah walks through, happily chatting on her cellphone with her boyfriend. In the basement, the slave continues to scream. Kat switches the over to her favorite Netflix series. She expects her slave to rub her feet for the duration of her entire binge watch.

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