Dixie is a lawyer at a high-end law firm and she’s in a meeting with the Judge, Carissa, to ask for a postponement of her upcoming hearing because she needs more time to prepare. The Judge denies her request and begins to berate her for her laziness and poor work habits but Dixie hardly pays any attention to her. Instead she is completely distracted by Carissa’s feet, specifically the way she is dangling her high heel off of her stocking covered toes. Carissa continues to chastise Dixie until she notices that she’s not paying attention to her and demands to know why. Dixie just smiles and says she’s fed up with listening to the judge. It seems that Dixie isn’t afraid of Carissa because she has a trick up her sleeve, a magic pendant that allows her to control other people and make them do her bidding. She begins to rub her necklace as she tells Carissa that she is starting to feel uncontrollably horny and that her pussy is soaking wet. Carissa immediately starts to moan and touch herself as she kicks off her heels and rubs her bare feet on the carpet until she begins to get holes in her stockings. Dixie has her come across the desk and present her feet to her. Carissa rubs Dixie’s pussy with one of her feet while Dixie puts the other in her mouth and begins to worship it, sucking her toes and licking her soles. She rips Carissa’s pantyhose the rest of the way, exposing her bare feet and continues to suck and lick both of her feet while Carissa rubs her pussy through her pants and moans in pleasure. Suddenly Carissa’s assistant, Adara, enters and is shocked by what she sees as she asks her what is going on. Dixie just smiles as she rubs her pendant again and makes Carissa order Adara into her office to join in the foot fun. Carissa lays Adara back on her desk and rips her stockings open exposing her toes and soles. As Carissa licks and sucks Adara’s feet, Dixie continues to worship Carissa’s. Eventually the trio make their way down to the floor where Dixie straddles Adara and makes her worship her feet while Dixie and Carissa continue to suck and lick Adara’s feet while they all rub and grind on each other. Finally, when Dixie has had her fun, she rubs her necklace and reminds Carissa that she’s going to postpone the hearing before leaving the two of them in Carissa’s office scissoring and sucking each others feet.

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