Cast: Leigh Raven
Genres: BDSM, Humiliation, Torture
Video language: English

I always feel the most vulnerable when I’m in the shower. I have to close my eyes and put soap on my face and in my hair. If I open my eyes I know I’ll it’ll hurt so I hold them tightly closed. That’s the moment I worry about. That’s the moment when he could strike.
I wake to feel something filling me up. It’s abnormally large and hard as hell. The chain holding me to the ground is locked on both ends. I couldn’t run if I wanted to. Pulling on it only makes my cunt sore. I yell at him to release me, but he repeats his instructions: Finish your makeup!
I think he is obsessed with my face, my mouth, my tongue. He gags me with wood and then ties my tongue out in two directions. He’s cruel and he enjoys watching me suffer. The worst part is when he penetrates my cunt with a plastic dick. I can’t help, but cum and cum and cum!

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Duration: 47:37
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