Cast: Aurora, Rada

Aurora and Rada often go to workouts together .. to have a beautiful body and figure, everyone needs to train hard and hard. After a thorough training, they returned home very tired and sweaty. The girls need to rest because they don’t even have the strength to take a shower .. but on the other hand, why take a shower when they have a pathetic slave girl marina who was waiting for their return. Initially, Aurora and Rada decided to have some fun with her and ordered her to smell the very smelly sneakers inside. marina deeply inhaled the strong smell of sweat of the girls’ sneakers and realized how much they sweated. Then marina deeply sniffed the girls’ socks trying to sniff out all the smell from them .. “Come to me, you idiot! It’s time to wash us! Start with our armpits” – said Rada and marina began to lick her armpits. The slave girl thoroughly washed the girls’ armpits with her tongue, swallowing all the sweat and feeling a strong salty taste. Then marina buried her nose in the girls’ asses and felt what the real smell of sweat meant. The girls sometimes let the slave girl breathe and ordered her to lick their backs too. marina swallowed a lot of sweat from the girls today .. Excellent sweat cleaner!

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Duration: 17:48
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 24724kbps
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