I was out shopping and saw this table cloth. I thought it looked like some tape we used in a past update. An idea occurred to me, Why not make a giant gift out of something, tie me up, and put me on top, like some type of ribbon? I picked out a cute outfit and Johnny turned the island in the kitchen into a wrapped gift. I thouht Id wear some lingerie. A red and black baby doll nightie, some red panties, red stockings and of course a black garter belt. I had shoes on but kicked them off, exposing my feet, for my foot fans. Johnny tied me in a tight hogtie with a chest harness. He’s getting really good at tying tight. He then secured a tight Over the Mouth gag, to keep me quiet. Apparently I was complaining a bit. When he finished he placed a bow on me. Unfortunately, as I stuggle, it became apparent our wrapping paper would not stay in place. But what fun is just sitting there when your tied and gagged?

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