Just like last year, the Spanish landlord was offering a free holiday again this year to any girls willing to be locked in chastity. In 2017, Muriel was introduced to this Chastity Deal by Rija Mae. This summer, Muriel wanted to do it again, and she introduced her friend Anna!
The two girls have to live by the rules of the landlord’s Chastity Deal: always belted, nude all of the time (except when going into town) and helping out at the villa (cleaning, laundry, cooking, and more). Those simple rules would earn Muriel and Anna a week in the sun, including stay in the villa, flights, and food!! A great deal if you ask me! And the landlord was happy to film it for me (and you).
If you ask me, Muriel loves being belted. She even came to my studio once to be locked in another style of belt. Her friend Anna was new to chastity belts, but a free holiday with her friend was enough to win her over. She wasn’t sure what she had gotten herself into, but Anna is probably just as tough as Muriel (both girls are well known bondage performers and they love fetish challenges!).
The landlord put them right to work, sweeping the outdoors patio and watering the plants. These girls look so stunning in their belts! I wish Holland had a better climate so we could have more nude girls running around in belts outdoors! While the girls thought they had a great deal, I think the landlord got the best one: watching these two girls all day, giving them tasks. It’s not a bad life, in sunny Spain!

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