Squeak, a hot, young, bisexual guy is encased in heavy rubber for his first time. Complete with a gas mask hood, Squeak is totally cut off from the world. Elise enjoys his enclosure and chooses to objectify his genitals by pulling them through an opening in the crotch, creating an extremely vulnerable situation for Squeak. After applying electrodes to his inner thighs, as well as along his cock and balls, Elise turns on the juice. This delicate dance of electricity, as well as Elise’s skillful stroking, makes Squeak’s cock stand at attention. This pleases Elise, who loves to control cock. Some teasing of Squeak’s cock, as well as complete control of his face, gives Elise an idea. She wants to rip an orgasm out of him whether he is interested in it or not. He is helpless and has no choice but to experience the intense sensation of the vibrator on his dick. The results are pretty intense! Hot fun was had all around.

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