Release Year: 2020
Cast: girl
Genres: All Sex, , Blowjob, Cunnilingus, Cuckold, Cum In Mouth, Cream Pie bondage, BDSM
Video language: English

Conventional wisdom says: “A woman is one big mystery.” And the truth! Often, it is quite difficult to understand and explain this or that behavior of an individual female. Absolutely all representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are subject to this natural anomaly, regardless of their age, social status, marital status, religion. Sometimes, you do everything for them – you protect, you indulge all their whims and whims, and in the end you are left with nothing – abandoned, deceived, abandoned, with a soul into which the very one cynically spat on – which you deified. And another time, you yourself cynically deceive her, humiliate her, brawl, change her – and it is you who become the king and the deity. At this point, another proverb-wisdom comes to mind: “The less we love a woman, the more she likes us.”
The main character of this video is a drunkard, rowdy and reckless scumbag. He keeps his soul mate in tight-knit gloves. Within the walls of the house, she leads her exclusively on a leash, goodies alcoholic beverages in unlimited quantities, and it is she, a loving slave, who runs after alcohol and “catch-up”. And in the evenings with his eyes swollen from alcohol, he likes to read a newspaper, while his faithful concubine on a leash and in a collar gives him a blowjob and at the end of this session he pours her entire mouth cavity with his cocktail of voluptuousness. She always does it with pleasure. In the afternoon, when her beloved master is absent from home, the faithful slave cleans the apartment from a heap of cans and bottles of juice and something stronger. She looks forward to the next evening so much that she literally licks their place of residence to shine. Today her master will come, and if she is lucky, they will even have full sex. However, the unexpected happened today. Behind the door, the girl heard two male voices arguing and swearing about something. One of the voices was familiar to her. It was the voice of her lover. When the owners of male voices entered the apartment, the girl immediately drew attention to the swollen and swollen face of her master. Apparently, he had just been methodically beaten. From the conversations, the girl realized that her boyfriend owed the second man a large amount of money, so he, continuing to swear, began to study their apartment and what could be taken from it. At first, the guest’s gaze settled on a branded tape recorder, which was on the cabinet. But after he saw the beautiful inhabitant of this house, he decided to collect the debt with a “natural product”. The girl, afraid for the health and life of her beloved master, did not dare to categorically argue, although she resisted a little. As a result, the happened on their owner – a love bed. And the owner himself, huddled in a corner, next to the bed on which a spicy scene took place, could only observe what sacrifices his faithful slave made for him in order to preserve their acquired property, his health … and maybe even his life. Or maybe she just wanted to take revenge on her master for all her humiliation. Now he was helpless and pitiful. After all, as it was said before: “A woman is one big mystery.” Understanding her actions is sometimes as ridiculous as answering the question: how many hairs on a baboon’s butt?

Total size: 2.1 GB in 10 files.