Another realtor scam works out perfectly. Brenda called and set up an appointment with a realtor to come out and look at the property and to see if they can sell it for her. They send a new realtor out to look around. This was her first big commission and really needed it. Brenda shows her around and she notices the camera equipment. They go into a back room where there is lights on and camera’s. The Realtor is a little set by this. Brenda ask her just how bad she needs this commission. The Realtor tells her real bad. This is nice property and she new it would sell fast. Brenda tells her Ok. You do something for me and the commission is yours. She was willing to do just about anything to get this except clean the place out. The two women shake on it and Brenda leaves to get her husband. The realtor looks around and see’s all the rope and things. She kinda starts wondering what she has got herself into. The two return and Brenda tells her husband look we have another one. I mean the realtor is here and she has agreed.

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