Rachel struggles in heavy cuffs, a spreader bra, latex, fully fashioned stockings and a ballgag. She looks great, I especially appreciate her behind. After some struggling her position is changed, a leather bolero armbinder (not put on in the clip) arms pulled up into a strappado and nipple clamps. She really hates them and moans in disgust. After more struggling she gets to sit in a chair. Her gag is changed to a leather gag with a ball in it (hottbonds). Chains are added to her body to secure her to the chair and her spreader bar is chained and cuffed to the chair for less mobility. After a bit that gag is taken off. She is still unhappy about those clamps. A hankerchief is stuffed in her mouth and microfoam wrapped around her head. A bit of electrical tape added to that. Her clamps are removed and she is released from the chair (mostly off screen) and appears on the black mat. She struggles a bit like that, then a lock is added to the armbinder and spreader bar for an easy hogtie. It is just to easy so I take a metal bar with cuffs and secure it to the wall, then I scoot the mat up so the hogtie is more taught. That heavy duty leather mask is added to her head and it is pulled back to the wall making the hogtie much more to my liking, oh yes and she struggles of course.

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