This is incredible!! A fan of this website actually made a custom chastity belt for me! Well, not for me of course, but for my lovely models! It is a prototype, but it is amazing already!
Why is it amazing? Well, the final version of this belt will be the first chastity belt without any metal parts! This means you can safely send your girlfriend or wife on a foreign trip (by airplane) and she will not get stopped at security (which is always embarassing). Made from medical grade white plastic, this prototype does still have a few tiny metal parts, but they will be gone in the final version. It is super light weight, and it currently locks using a Segufix medical magnetic lock. The locking system will change obviously (because it contains metal and it is not secure).
Prototypes need to be tested, I wanted to see how the belt fits and if there would be any issues. This is the perfect opportunity for a Casting with a girl who has been waiting for a long time to be on this website: the beautiful Lauren!! I choose her because she has the perfect measurements for this belt! It looks so stunning on her and it is surprisingly effective! The big front shield is very tight and she could not get her fingers under it.
This is so great! You have to realise this was not made by a company or manufacturer, just a fan who loves this website and made this for us all to enjoy! He even put the logo on the waist belt! This might be the next big thing in chastity! NoSteel, remember that name!

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