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Obsessed with Pain – My Own Pain – Ariel and Sally – Scene 6 – HD 720p

Ariel wakes up already tied with hooks in her mouth that pull and distort her face and a chop stick device on her tong and also a nose hook that keeps her head upright and pegs with a string attached on her pussy as wax starts to drip onto her breasts. Sally operates a remote control and all the doors lock and explains to Ariel that with her new job she now has the power to sell Ariel into a world of slavery or to a naughty woman where she will be spanked and tortured for fun. All Ariel has to do is select a number of envelopes and complete the tasks to be set free. Even tied with hot wax dripping onto her nipples Ariel refuses to give in to her impatient sister so Sally pulls the pegs from Ariel’s pussy making her scream out loudly – Eventually not knowing what else Sally will do to her Ariel gives in and is released to select some envelopes with her tasks inside.

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