With her bottom still glowing from 800 spanks Ariel reluctantly gags herself with an old iron bit gag then places a number of pegs on her body then locks her wrists into a set of handcuffs fastened to a wire running across the ceiling then realises how the pegs will be remove -The machine now has a flogger attached ! The machine starts up and we hear the whooshing of the flogger as it spins then a winch starts and drags Ariel into range of the flogger and stops then an electro-magnet holds her in position as she struggles to keep out of reach of the flogger. Ariel realizes she must remove the pegs as part of her test then after the pegs have all been painfully been removed by the flogger Ariel announces she wishes to continue so she can impress her sister – Eventually Ariel can take no more and the flogger and electromagnet are switched off then the winch pulls her into reach of the keys to her handcuffs.

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