After weighing the pros and cons, I decided that it would be easier to outsource the capture of Ultra Girl. She is delivered at my feet and I get to work after groping her for a short while. I place her on a table and remove her boots. In the next scene Ultra Girl is suspended by her ankles as she starts to regain a little energy. Instead of destroying it, her belt is hanging next to her up in the ceiling to taunt her. After watching her struggle for a bit, I rope her elbows together tightly before snipping off her shorts and gagging her with them. Her thighs are bound and then she is crotchroped, which is tied off to her wrists. Her leotard is ripped open, before I spin her around. I have my fun manhandling my helpless, inverted captive. I slowly cut away her entire outfit, effectively stripping her of her identity. I enjoy watching her struggle upside down almost nude for a while, before returning. I wrap more tape around her gag and then spend more time roughly groping her tits and slapping her ass. I turn out the lights. With Ultra Girl out of the way, I’ll have complete control of the city in no time…. bawah ha ha!

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