Wow…Rain keeps getting hotter and hotter, eh? Im not sure exactly what changed, if anything…maybe it’s in my head…but lately, she has just seemed more confident and confidence is sexy…and I think she has a tan now…I love a natural blonde with a light tan…never the less, Rain is back at DungeonCorp in a big way…the general rule in the industry is that when you bring a model back, you kinda have to get tougher with them each time…You have to outdo, on some level, what you did before…the Pope had a few dastardly ties and ideas ready for her and as it turns out, so did I…The thing you have to understand about Rain is that she is a player…a top, a bottom, a rope enthusiast, a pain slut, a true and proud pervert…and when she plays, she is very serious…it’s all very serious to her…and her reactions are sometimes quite shocking…don’t let her into your head! she’s fine and loving every minute of it…well, that may not be absolutely true…to love the journey is not to love every step…lots of those steps are painful and take much will to overcome…I think Rain has a very pure understanding of this…which is why we get to have so much fun with her…and by fun, I mean nasty and evil fun…which brings me to another point I wanted to make…Lotsa folks like to consider that the Master is in control…and this is what we call “play”…to me, playing isn’t spanking or tying someone up…playing is putting yourself in a mindset where you pretend to live the roles of your fantasies…in the end, we all have a will and we use it when we want to, or need to…and each of our wills, whether we are a Master or a slave has it’s boundaries…We all know that submissives have limits and I suppose we rate thier masochistic tendencies upon how far thier limits allow someone to take them…What is less obvious and what is much less discussed is a Master’s limits…Have you ever met a Master who didn’t like to play rough? I have…Many times, the submissives I meet want to play much harder than thier Doms will go…what is this?!?…Doms have limits as do subs…What’s the point? Working with Rain isn’t really working, it’s playing…Rain gives every Dom the opportunity to step up thier play because her limits are so much greater than the average model…these are the shoots that the Pope lives for…Each rig he puts her through is a trial of it’s own…and then he takes extreme enjoyment in keeping her on the verge of explosion….the razors edge…the strain on her body through the strappado and leg-lift rig is apparent…then I come in with some new toys that I typically leave hanging on the wall in my office…a chain mail paddle for instance…ouch…in the final scene, the Pope rigs Rain atop the sybian…what follows looks more like a horror flick than a BDSM clip…If Rain was possesed by a demon, the Pope exorcised them with orgasms…and leaves Rain literally speaking in tongues…fuckin A, Rain Degrey.

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